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A woman lounging on a couch
Baby Link
Woman breastfeeding her son, Madonna and Child,
Sound to Sleep
Facial Portrait, 14" X 11", Charcoal pencil sketch on paper


Portraits provide a special access into the soul of the model. Generally a portrait is the model’s face; however, the way one arranges bottles of perfume, cologne, or leave items laying in what may appear as clutter, is a portrait of that person. Psychologist have coined that one’s personality defines the character of the person’s identity. Artist have known for centuries that hair left on a comb can be a portrait of the subject’s personality. This symbol (ℑ) means imaginary part. Alternatively, the imaginary part of a portrait is that essence we impose upon it with our own biases.

A portrait can come in many forms, as a figure, portions of an image, or any object that projects a memory of someone in our mind.

Feeding Time
Sketch of Tracy
 Self-Reflection, 72" X 36", Gesso & Black Latex on Paper
Lost Desire
Five Minutes

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