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Man sleeping on the park grass, oil on canvas painting

Artist Dr. Anthony H. Brown, PhD

Oil painting of a woman sitting on her back porch trying to get shade from a plant

Oil on Canvas:

The essence of creativity lays everywhere

Artist Anthony H. Brown’s goal is to produce and sale his artworks. All artworks can be purchased as reproduction archival Giclee prints.  

His artworks consist of drawings , oils, watercolors, and digital paintings

The inclusion of reproduction digital prints offers you an alternative to purchasing the original oil, watercolor, or drawing. However, digital paintings are sold as an original artwork.

Digitally produced artwork never existed in any other paper or canvas form. Therefore, all paintings listed as a digital painting are sold only as original prints. Prints are produced on acid-free 100% archival rag paper or on specialized archival canvas.

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Portrait Paintings

Charcoal Drawing of Sheila A Schultz

Charcoal Drawings

Charcoal Still-life Drawing

Digital Paintings

Digital Painting of Emory

Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor Painting of River

    Oil Paintings

Oil Painting of Loraine


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