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Portrait Paintings

Oil Painting of Loraine

 Concept Paintings

Charcoal Drawing of Sheila A Schultz

Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor Painting of River

Charcoal Drawings

Charcoal Still-life Drawing

Digital Paintings

Digital Painting of Emory

Focusing on Fiction & Testing Original Facts


Focusing on an original apple can be as original as God’s creation of Eve, but drawn or painted to appear as flesh, whether fruit or human, without blemishes, yet if its skin is painted orange; is it an apple? Scotch tape used to hold down paper is not the same as taping tarp; it will not work when a strong wind blows. Should I use stronger tape? The imagination of an artist is not different than or from that of a child yet nor is a child’s imagination equal to or greater than that of an artist. Even when poured from a faucet, fresh spring water tastes like winter-melting glaziers covered in snow. Every so often, the sun creates shadows that do not cast, yet exist extended. So if there is no shadow does the image exist?


Focusing onto my artwork, I depict thoughts often overlooked in lives of theirs and ours. These overlooked facets or rather sparkle of life exposes how we, they, arrange our lives and how they or we neglect that which is obvious about our lives, and self. We may wonder about their purpose or ours either daily or within moments of a month, yet we find opposition of the medium intriguing them. Seeking we lose a sense of self in what we find, but we burn of more guilt or more so: God’s anger dose not deter them or us away from an original sin. The nature of an atom is to hold, and the nature of a the flesh is to contain. In and of itself there is a will, a will to explode.

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