Dr. Anthony H. Brown, MFA, Ph.D,

Dr. Anthony H. Brown, MFA, Ph.D,

Artist Statement:

I currently focus on the color of psychological healing art. As a vehicle for exploring the individual’s cultural experiences within a dynamic, cross-pollinated community. Art as a healer provides a means to an end. To do this, I look to exhibit Art’s psychological effect of an individualized experience as a source of their reflection, projection, and healing processes. Together, its artistic image, sound, and movement enact our natural senses to laugh, cry, smile, dance, or create. I believe artistic creation is an individualized expression, sometimes deeply personal and sometimes a shared experience done by many. It’s a psychological individualized response interpreted as something moving, new, and reflective. Art is considered unique when believed to be done by people with special talents or gifts.

  • Talents are learned skills, methods, and techniques one acquires and improves through hours of practice and doing. These persons generally continue the same skills, strategies, and approaches in demonstrating their talents. Thus, one’s talents can become a ridged display of artwork where every image/s looks the same. We define this as a style or pattern which identifies that person’s use of their talents.
  • Gifts are unexplainable nuance abilities that extend beyond talents (using techniques). Gifted persons tend to be innovative, unbounded by static methodologies, and have an astonishing range of vision and insight. These persons generally do not apply the same approach to every demonstration of their gift. Thus, the gift becomes an original display of every new artwork and less a style of the person’s use of their gift.

Centuries ago, images were used as a communication method and to document what are now historical events. Today, we continue to believe that visual imagery is a form of entertainment akin to music and dance. so much so that we call just about everything seen, heard, and thought of as the art of visual, heard, and felt sensation.

Variations of Self as a Portrait

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