Creative Hands

Creative Hands

Creative hands moves into an exploration centered on what predicts the motivation of creativity; it ask is it within my hands or within my mind that I have the edging desire to create? Throughout my life, I have desired to capture a glimpse of responses to thoughts and the ideas formed from experiencing and viewing life events. As far back as a teenager, I can remember asking if in some way, do my life events influence how I personalize events, or have they simply guided my decisions. This question and other thoughts have carved out images and thoughts in my creative mind that speak to a creative interpretation of my reality. Take for instance the experience of an abortion during my twenties took a toll on my mind and the creative process, wherein in the painting Catholic Decision¬†shows how the element of disastrous input into my life put space between myself and the woman. As you may noticed the woman is in a fetus position while the Priest move to abort the child with a cork screw, depicting graphically a moral dilemma based on her rites of passage. the question at hand is “What is the implied effect/cause of such an act by a woman to choose in absence of male feedback and how does it affect weigh on the psych of the man?” In comparison, the painting of Melrose Park in Chicago, Ill, creates the experience of a calming sight; this image captures the relaxation of a life event. The Creative process shifts from a participator to an observational cohort.


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October 26, 2017

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