An African American artist’s vision of his culture and its environment reside within his creation.

Oil Paintings

Paintings such as oils, watercolor, pastels, color pencils, or any other medium transform a line drawing into color shapes and forms.

African American Visual Artist

Drawing and painting are some of the oldest storytelling methods described by humankind, both past and present events. Centuries of images once used for earlier stories are now considered works of ART. Furthermore, those storytellers are now known as visual artists. Although still rich in storytelling traditions, those stories are secondary to the painting’s technique. While today’s images describe past or present events, more and more artists are searching for new ways to capture creativity.

Despite creativity replacing the fledgling stories. The symbolic essence of art-making struggles to maintain its primary presence in art. I define myself as an artist/storyteller. Yet, not all my paintings tell stories. You will identify with one of my paintings and recall or form your own stories. That story will become part of why you would purchase my paintings because that painting speaks to you.