Pain Anger

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This digital painting is for every African American who in the 21st century died a brutal death.
The digital painting was produced using Corel Painter 2019. It is also available as a Giclee canvas print, 20 X 24 or 16 X 20 for $300.00 and $500.00

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One of many by-standers reacts to another senseless murder of an African American while the brutality of a body lay not yet cold. A young soul just minutes ago slowly drifts out of this not yet; man’s body. The boy’s drifting soul hovers as tears stream from his eyes as he looks down at himself dying. He had no weapon in his hand no malice in his heart. He was just running from a dog, when he circled around the last corner, he will every turn again. Before then, there was only pain, anger, but not resolve all around him then suddenly, BANG! bang and bang about thirty times it seemed, but it only took the first to assure he laid bleeding out onto the ground, while those WHO were to protect him sobbed saying, “WE THOUGHT HE HAD A GUN.” AGONY SCREAMS OUT! Another BLACK MAN IS GONE.


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