Final Shot

$300.00 Price_excluding_tax

Final Shot is an original hand painted oil on canvas 20″ x 16″ $1,500, Also sold as a Giclee canvas print $300.00

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Final shot is a tribute to the olden days of playing court ball, football, and tag. Shooting homemade hoops nailed to telephone poles was where many professional basketball players got their game on. This court is, The Gray’s Court, some of us remember the sliding board just feet away. At the left corner you can see the edge of that sliding board. Court yards was nick named after the predominate family living in that court. There was the Wallace Court or the Beverly Court, and many others. Back then the predominate family was the largest. Some had for example ten or more kids and adult kids, not counting the parent or parents.

Growing up in Clay Terrace NE during the sixties, and seventies was being on the playground every day. Hundreds of us boys and girls played together outside. Girls played hop-scotch, jacks, four-corners. While the boys chased them or just build their own toys. We built sling-shoots, bows-and-arrows, chopper folks to place on bikes. The asphalt was our arena. We skated on asphalt with iron skates, flew kites, and played Zorro with sticks taken from discarded baby cribs. We climbed trees, ran from girls and chased them too. At dark we played hot-bread-and-butter, Simon Said, Follow the leader, and my favorite: ball tag. Ball-tag beat out even being pushed around the block on homemade go-carts: the race of the day was on.


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