Welcome to the Color Brown Studio

The Original Artwork by

 Anthony H. Brown

A Unique Experience

Where The  Art of Seeing Another Way is:

An Indelible Combination


Where waking up can be a challenge and managing to stay awake can be a daunting task 

Drawing: The Foundation

Charcoal Drawings

Where Paintings are Conceived.

Some drawings are practice sketches requiring little to no details.

Whereas, some are detailed to convey a perspective painting.

Alternately, some remain as idea sketches.

Charcoal study of a younglady
Charcoal on Paper Sleeping
The Light in His Hands Charcoal on Paper 14" x 11"
Paying the Piper Charcoal on Paper 24" x 18"
On the Way to GrandMa's House Charcoal on Paper 14" X 11"
Reading while Riding Charcoal on Paper 14" X 11"

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