Welcome to the Color Brown Studio

The Original Artwork by Anthony H. Brown

A Unique Experience

Where the  Art of Seeing Another Way is:

An Indelible Combination

Where waking up can be a challenge and managing to stay awake can be a daunting task 

Anthony H. Brown, PhD

Anthony H. Brown, PhD

Owner of the Color Brown Studio

Artist Bio:

Anthony’s artist bio is not the typical list of creative experiences spanning several decades. Rather Anthony’s bio outlines time invested in additional years to obtain a PhD in Psychology. The introduction of this literary knowledge on psychological research and his applied knowledge of making art became a game changer. With these elements in hand, he combined their two processes, and formed a Healing through applied art toolnset.


Anthony’s approach to drawing and painting is clearer than ever. His life’s work is in combining psychological relationships with the expressive nature of human experiences. His artistic creation is about seeking ways to express the objects inner nature. He believes that artist have a responsibility to help transform the viewer’s visual understanding. He senses that the art making process from the lens of healing is integral to mindfulness well-being.


He states that he produces to continue creating, and seek out new ways to learn how to create. In addition he produces artwork because it gives me a vehicle to speak about art’s nature to heal while freeing for some their creative expressive.

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