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Art & Healing

Sometimes life grabs and breaks your spirit leaving you only a hint of hope.


Yeah! Hear yea this: Trust for thine eyes shall see thee heal

Doest thou speaks by the question. Shalt thou, surely yes indeed, waste temper for in thine mind’s eye thou walketh through the valley of darkness? Does it not be envies or vain intent? That the path’s choices given thee to stroke up witnesses against self, makest yeh frighten thine own soul? Is there promise entwined to hope for you who are within me! Fear not where thou self-seeth of all past, present, and future comings.

Yea mine! Ask of Thee, doest thine soul rest in places of thoughts made silent by one’s will? Do heed to this, or mourn for thy Spirit lie to thee. Trust for thine own hands when transformed shall reveal to thee thy truth for thine eyes shalt see that what they seek that which is real: then ye shall know if thine self is in darkness.  Yea Spirits lie; doest It wait for a screaming tremble, or does

though not hear? Trust for thine eyes shall see.

However, triune Known or Unknown is where I am.


Dark Shadow Knows

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